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Werkzeug-Eylert is a wholesale company is led in third generation and situated in Chemnitz / Germany. We are offering a selection of more than forty thousand items for industry, enterprises and authorities. Currently seventy employees and trainees are working at our head office in Chemnitz. For the customer service on the spot we have more than 15 sales representatives and application engineers working in Saxony and Central Germany. Our customers include numerous well-known automotive suppliers, public institutions, workshops as well as a large number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) from Germany, Eastern Europe and many other parts of the world. Werkzeug-Eylert is part of “Das Technikzentrum” (the technical centre). "Das Technikzentrum" is a network of five SMBs offering a specialised assortment, which is completing itself. "Das Technikzentrum" offers short paths, a huge assortment and many complete solutions, for you as industry and skilled crafts customers or quality-conscious consumers.

Sản phẩm và dịch vụ

The product range supplied by Werkzeug-Eylert includes:

  • metal cutting tools
  • chucking/clamping tools
  • measuring tools
  • hand tools 
  • woodworking tools
  • grinding tools
  • sawing technology
  • power tools
  • machine tools
  • compressed air technology
  • workshop equipment
  • chemical products
  • welding technology
  • factory equipment

Liên lạc

Địa chỉ
F.-O.-Schimmel-Str. 3
09120 Chemnitz

Điện thoại: +49 371 52670
: +49 371 526744

Olga Dorzweiler
Head of export department
Điện thoại: +49 371 526747

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