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Get into the GrooveARNO Grooving Tools and Inserts

Take advantage of ARNO's unique versatility: A modular grooving system with a single basic tool holder turns into different tool variants by simply changing the support blade and clamp. 
Thanks to their stability, the grooving tools offer chip removal in all 3 main cutting directions, enabling combined operations with just one tool. Precision-ground two- or three-edged cutting inserts in various designs, different shapes and types, give the best cutting performance in respect of chip forming, cutting speed and efficiency.

Benefits of ARNO-ACS cooling system® ACS1

  • Controlled coolant stream
  • Best cooling and lubrication effect
  • Reduced build-up edge and cutting edge breakages
  • Controlled chip breaking
  • Better surface quality
  • Higher cutting speed and feed rates possible
  • Higher productivity

Exhibitor: ARNO Werkzeuge S.E.A Pte., Ltd.

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